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“I had such a great experience at the Meadowlands Hospital! From ER Registration to nurses, anesthesiologist to my doctor – everyone was very professional and nice but most importantly caring! This is what makes this hospital great!"
— Emma R., Meadowlands Hospital Same Day Surgery Patient, May 2017

“MHMC Staff made me feel comfortable and at ease at all times. Nurses always made sure my bed was made and cleaned. I never knew hospital food could be so good. Great meals! Nurses were helpful – amazing staff. For my first C-section, there is no way I could have done it without my nurses. Thank you. Nurses made sure I was in no pain and kept up with me as much as possible. Everyone was friendly and polite. Staff made me feel like family and they honestly cared. At first I was very nervous because it was my first time in this hospital – after my experience I will recommend this hospital to everyone. One of the best hospitals I have ever been to – please keep up the good work!”
— Amanda R., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient, February 2017



Magneto-Encephalography (MEG)

For patients diagnosed with epilepsy and/or brain cancer, Magneto-Encephalography (MEG) is a unique diagnostic examination. For more information,  ›download MEG Brochure. It represents neurophysiological recording technology that can measure very small magnetic fields produced by pathological synchronized neural activity in the brain. MEG allows localization of that pathology with a very high degree of accuracy. The MEG procedure is totally non-invasive, and can be applied to adults, children and even newborns.

Meadowlands Hospital 3-year old MEG Imaging Center houses a state-of-the-art Elekta Neuromag-Triux MEG system. It is equipped with 306 MEG channels, and 64 Electroencephalography (EEG) channels, integrated for simultaneous recording of electro-magnetic brain activity. This high-tech system allows for comprehensive whole-head measurements of brain activity. The highly accurate results of each MEG exam performed at our Center are achieved using two independent, FDA approved methods of analysis.

To the left there is an example of MEG/EEG brain localization technique performed in MEG lab of MHMC

The dedicated staff of our MEG Imaging Center sees their mission as serving every patient at the highest standard of clinical need. Our experienced MEG specialists Valentina Gumenyuk, Ph.D. and Oleg Korzyukov, Ph.D. can pinpoint localizations of epilepsy in the brain, as well as the essential “eloquent” functional cortex, which involves speech comprehension, somatosensory and motor functions. These studies are considered as part of a pre-surgical evaluation of neurosurgical candidates, which are being treated for Medically Intractable Epilepsy or Brain Tumor. MEG evaluation is highly recommended for patients who consider brain NeuroPace (Responsive neurostimulation for the treatment of epilepsy (RNS)).

Several clinical studies among neurosurgery patients demonstrate a higher correlation to better outcome among patients who underwent MEG compared with those that had not.
 ›download the full article Comparison of MEG, ICEEG, and Outcome
 ›download the full article The Correlation of MEG

Results of MEG studies performed by Meadowlands Hospital MEG Imaging Center are greatly appreciated by nationally recognized Epilepthologists, practicing in various Epilepsy centers and clinics (NYU Epilepsy Center, North Shore-LIJ Epilepsy Center (NY), Institute of Neurology (NJ).

Our patients receive specific instructions in preparation for their MEG exam. This preparation is designed to yield the maximum amount of existing pathological activity in the patient’s brain. This allows for the generation of unique and valuable information for the referring physician. The referring physician usually receives results of the MEG exam within 2 weeks of the study date.

Meadowlands MEG Imaging Center work hours are flexible for the patient’s convenience, and include weekends.

If you would like to have MEG exam at our Center, please complete the following forms and fax or email them to us:
Referral Form
Patient Screening Form
Referral Checklist

Fax: 201-392-3402