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“My wife and I were particularly impressed because this was a big improvement for this hospital over past years.”
— Denis F., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/3West Patient, March 2017

“Everyone provided superior, outstanding quality service. My husband and I both visited the Same Day Surgery Department and we both agree that the services were great.”
— Najlasia A., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, March 2017

“Registration clerk was very efficient and nursing staff was extremely courteous. I was in major pain from a kidney stone. Quick check in, scan, diagnosis and pain relief. Everyone at the Meadowlands Hospital did great.”
— Bob S., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, March 2017



Exams With Contrast
Prep Instructions

Be sure to pick up RediCat2 and drink 1 bottle 9pm the night before the exam. A 2nd bottle will be drunk 1 hour prior to exam.

Scheduling Times

Exams must be scheduled during the day, before 1pm. If the appointment is in the morning, you must be NPO (fasting) from midnight. If the exam is for the afternoon, you may eat very light meals, and NPO for 3 hours before exam.

Arrival Time

You are expected to be at the Radiology Department/Out Patient Registration a minimum of 30 minutes before your exam.

When Blood Work is Needed

Blood work is needed for all patients over 60 years old. In addition, please let us know if you are a diabetic, hypertensive or have kidney problems. If you have diabetes, hypertension or have kidney problems, you must have blood work done prior to the exam, particularly a BUN, Creatinine and GFR. (The technologists need this information to determine if you can have the contrast. If the levels are out of normal range, the kidneys may not filter the contrast.) If you have had blood work within the previous 14 days, you do not need a new test. Just call the doctor for a copy of the results. If not, you will need a prescription for the blood work, and you will either have to come in the day before, or the morning of your test. The exam will not be performed without the results.

If You have any Allergies

Please let us know if you have any allergies. Allergies to iodine are especially important to know. If you have a history of allergies, 50mg Prednisone PO 12 hours, 6 hours and 1 hour prior to CT will be prescribed.

If You are on Dialysis

If you are on hemodialysis, you must have your dialysis within 24 hours after your IV contrast administration. This will allow the contrast to be flushed out of your system through dialysis.

If the Clinical Reason is Appendicitis

If you have appendicitis, you may be waiting approximately 2 hours for the actual scan once you ingest the contrast media.

If You are from a Nursing Home

You must be accompanied by an aide or with a family member for the duration of your stay in the Radiology Department.

If the Patient is a Pediatric Patient

We will confirm the type of contrast to be used with the pediatrician. If the doctor specifies an I.V., his office will let you know. If you are the parent(s) or guardian(s) confirming the appointment, please take the time to explain this to your child. All children need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Exams Without Contrast
Scheduling Times

Non-contrast exams may be scheduled anytime.

Arrival Time

Be sure to be at the Radiology Department/Outpatient Registration a minimum of 30 minutes before your exam.

If You are from a Nursing Home

The patient must be accompanied by an aide or with a family member for the duration of your stay in the Radiology Department.

If You are a Pediatric Patient

The patient must be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the duration of their stay in the Radiology Department.