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“Excellent experience – I always take my kids to Meadowlands Hospital. It is an excellent hospital.”
— Laura R., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, February 2017

“I received wonderful care from arrival until I was sent home. All of the nurses and doctors were professional and caring. Proud to say these folks are all my peers and that we are all lucky to work at Meadowlands Hospital where care is top notch!”
— Monique C., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, February 2017

“Excellent experience. Professional, yet friendly and down to earth staff. Made me very comfortable. Best doctors and nurses ever! Top notch – best hospital I have ever been to!!! I had a very good experience at your facility in all aspects. Would definitely return-also car service is a plus!”
— Denise C., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, February 2017



MHMC Thanks the Sum of its Parts for Performing During Hurricane Sandy

12 November 2012

They say that every great accomplishment is only the sum of its parts, and for Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center that couldn’t be any closer to the truth. During Hurricane Sandy every medical and non-medical staff member committed themselves to serving those who needed help, swapping between roles like handing out sandwiches to wheeling beds room to room.

There was no time to waste. Every employee of the hospital from the administration to the medical staff rolled up their sleeves and helped patients on the front lines, helping direct traffic and even lending a hand to help patients make it from the fierce winds and rain outside.

Because of the actions of every able-bodied Physician, Accountant, Laboratory Operator, Maintenance Man and Security Guard and many others acting as runners, sitters, cafeteria volunteers and lifters, what could have been a chaotic and desperate scene turned out to be an extremely well coordinated operation. Additional praise is also given to the EMS team and their ongoing coordination with the ER department to make sure everyone arrived here safety and swiftly. The Command Center worked miracles coordinating events especially when the electricity and computers went down.

One of the many employees who worked during the storm commented about the larger-than-life efforts being put forth by the staff. Some people, they exclaimed, stayed in the hospital day and night for the whole week, "Everybody really pitched in where they could for patient comfort, keeping an eye on things, and you know, trying to keep their cool. Nurses were coming two, three, four hours before their shift were supposed to start, just to make sure they could be here when they were needed. The whole team was very hopeful and positive."

There was never a doubt that this operation would be a resounding success. The family of employees at MHMC proved that last year during Hurricane Irene. MHMC relies on the sum of its parts, and each part is what makes this hospital one of the best around.

Meadowlands Hospital Board and Administration wishes to thank all of its employees for going above and beyond the call of duty and for saving lives in the face of Hurricane Sandy. There is one person who is particularly grateful to MHMC for savings his life. He had a massive heart attack during the height of the storm. Meadowlands team stabilized him and had him air-lifted to a cardiac surgery facility within 90 minutes. Due to MHMC’s quick response, he will live a completely normal and active life. We all took part in that effort. We should all be so proud.