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“Excellent experience – I always take my kids to Meadowlands Hospital. It is an excellent hospital.”
— Laura R., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, February 2017

“I received wonderful care from arrival until I was sent home. All of the nurses and doctors were professional and caring. Proud to say these folks are all my peers and that we are all lucky to work at Meadowlands Hospital where care is top notch!”
— Monique C., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, February 2017

“Excellent experience. Professional, yet friendly and down to earth staff. Made me very comfortable. Best doctors and nurses ever! Top notch – best hospital I have ever been to!!! I had a very good experience at your facility in all aspects. Would definitely return-also car service is a plus!”
— Denise C., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, February 2017



MHMC goes to Washington DC

15 October 2011

The day started early last Saturday for 49 MHMC employees and their family members. Around 7:30 am a beautiful bus took off from the grounds of Meadowlands Hospital headed to the nation's capital.

The drive from Secaucus to Washington DC is 4 hours long, but it was fun as our tour leader Milla gave a very interesting history class of every state that we were passing thru. New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia! How amazing to visit so many states in one day!

Did you know that New Jersey was named by James Duke of York, brother of King Charles II of England? James named the colony New Jersey to honor Sir George Carteret, who had been the Governor of Jersey, a British island in the English Channel. And Delaware takes its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia's first colonial governor. Many of us discovered that the Declaration of Independence was drawn up and signed in Philadelphia, PA, then the capital of the United States. We were enjoying the scenery outside of our windows and receiving a history lesson at the same time.

On the way to DC a 50/50 cash prize was raffled out right in the bus and Briana Luciano, daughter of Annie Luciano from Customer Satisfaction, took the prize. It was fun as everyone congratulated the happy girl on her lucky win. We all had quality time getting to know each other better.

Nestled along the banks of the wide Potomac River, Washington DC is a city unlike any other in the United States. Washington was created to serve as the nation’s capitol by the founding American fathers. Interestingly, it is not located within a state, but within its' own district, the District of Columbia. Washington is a vital city, filled with history, commerce, and the everyday affairs of the United States government.

The itinerary was very full. Visitors to Washington DC have an incredible variety of sites to visit. Few tourists can work all of the important sites and monuments into one visit, but there are certain places that fall into the must-see category. For us this included the United States Capitol Building, White House, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Lincoln Monument. Chock full of history past and history in the making, plus beauty, culture, education and even fine dining, this makes Washington a top destination in the world.

Two more entertaining raffles were conducted on the way home. The winner of another 50/50 cash prize was Jalixsa Badillo from the Billing Department and the brand new iPod went home with Yvonne Bob, mother of Alicia Campbell from Medical records. Overall we had a full day of fun and enjoyment. Thank you MHMC for making us feel special!