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“My wife and I were particularly impressed because this was a big improvement for this hospital over past years.”
— Denis F., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/3West Patient, March 2017

“Everyone provided superior, outstanding quality service. My husband and I both visited the Same Day Surgery Department and we both agree that the services were great.”
— Najlasia A., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, March 2017

“Registration clerk was very efficient and nursing staff was extremely courteous. I was in major pain from a kidney stone. Quick check in, scan, diagnosis and pain relief. Everyone at the Meadowlands Hospital did great.”
— Bob S., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, March 2017



Employee Wellness Program

01 November 2011

MHMC has launched a brand new Employee Wellness Program. The program was created and conducted by our Board Certified Psychiatrist Dr. Edward Shalts, M.D., Medical Director of New Jersey Institute for Neuroscience. The program helps the public effectively learn the following natural methods:

  • General Health improvement and maintenance
  • Effective treatment of common acute ailments
  • Approaches to treating chronic problems (obesity, HTN, emotional problems, allergies)

Those who decide to join us will have an opportunity to participate in a few modules:

  • Emotional wellness (relaxation, stress management).
  • Exercise (“Dynamic Charge” and Yoga).
  • Nutrition and Healthy Cooking Classes.
  • Prophylaxis and natural treatment of common acute conditions: colds and flu; allergies, upset stomach, diarrhea, shift-related issues,
  • Prophylaxis and basic holistic approaches to treatment of common chronic conditions: obesity, hypertension , chronic allergic conditions, chronic digestive problems, PMS, anxiety, irritability.

We are about to enter the dreaded colds and flu season. The first series of classes will address this issue. Holistic medicine offers a wide array of herbs and supplements for treatment of acute colds and flu. How does one decide what works?  What companies make the best product on the market? All attending the program will learn some protocols that have been used by Dr. Shalts, his family members, friends and hundreds of his patients to not only treat the initial stages of colds, but to prevent them from even happening in our lives. The program guides us how to stay healthy and strong! One of the ancient sages said: ”One rose decorates the garden.” To those who decided to participate in the program it means that they will be strong and healthy. People around them will also enjoy more chances to stay healthy. And most importantly, our patients will enjoy the luxury of receiving high quality care from a healthy group of MHMC employees.