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“I had such a great experience at the Meadowlands Hospital! From ER Registration to nurses, anesthesiologist to my doctor – everyone was very professional and nice but most importantly caring! This is what makes this hospital great!"
— Emma R., Meadowlands Hospital Same Day Surgery Patient, May 2017

“MHMC Staff made me feel comfortable and at ease at all times. Nurses always made sure my bed was made and cleaned. I never knew hospital food could be so good. Great meals! Nurses were helpful – amazing staff. For my first C-section, there is no way I could have done it without my nurses. Thank you. Nurses made sure I was in no pain and kept up with me as much as possible. Everyone was friendly and polite. Staff made me feel like family and they honestly cared. At first I was very nervous because it was my first time in this hospital – after my experience I will recommend this hospital to everyone. One of the best hospitals I have ever been to – please keep up the good work!”
— Amanda R., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient, February 2017



Have You Spoken With Your Doctor Lately?

The relationship between a doctor and their patient is very personal. Everyone desires to have an open and trustworthy relationship witha doctor. We feel comfortable about the care we are receiving and the care our doctor is providing.Trust is one of the most important attributes that you must have with your doctor so they can diagnosis your health problems and all of the symptoms that might be concerning you. Here at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center our doctors are committed to patient satisfaction and open doctor communication. In fact, Inside Jersey magazine and Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. rated MHMC as one of the top hospitals (under 350 beds) in New Jersey for Patient Satisfaction, Doctor Communication and Patient Room/Bathroom cleanliness.

Are you satisfied about the communication between you and your doctor? What is the most important concern you have?Do you feel that you asked enough questions to understand the important things your doctor is telling you? The physicians at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center have developed some tips that will help you keep a clear and open message with all of our doctors and staff members to not only put your mind at ease and have confidence in the care you are receiving but also to reduce complications and prevent further hospitalization.

Always be organized – Doctors are always busy and their time can be limited with you. We recommend you be organized and ask us about the issues that are most important. Write down some notes and questions before you see the physician to prioritize ideas and problems. This will be very helpful and make your interaction with the physician more satisfactory to you.
Keep up to date records – Providing physicians with accurate information about your symptoms and medications will be important when they prescribe the best treatment. You will need a list of medications and a list of recent symptoms with dates. Recent test and previous doctor’s visits before the appointment will assist us to address your needs and concerns. During your visit you can write down information in a notebook or journal for future clarification. We need you to share all of your treatment goals and questions about possible side effects that you are facing so please be open to share your recent medical information.
Be assertive and upfrontMeadowlands Hospital would like you to be a part of the decision making process so we can make the best conclusions and seek out the best treatment options. We want you to be assertive and not to be afraid to ask us important questions. All of your concerns need to be addressed for your satisfaction. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact your doctor or other clinical professional.We also would like to hear your opinions about the tests and treatment options that you feel might help you the most. Discuss the positives and negatives of all treatment options with your doctor so you are not second guessinganychoices you might make. We can set up additional appointments or consult other staff members that might be of assistance.
Understanding each other – At Meadowlands Hospital we want to help you in any way possible. So it is important to let us know if you are not satisfied with the care we are providing.
Constant contact – Before you are discharged, either a nurse or social worker will ask what is the best way to contact you for a follow-up phone call from the facility.If you follow through with the proper treatment options and medications prescribed you should not have a problem, but if happen to have a concern or a question, please contact us as soon as possible. Your privacy is important – Being open and honest with your physician will help them accurately treat your symptoms. Please do not feel embarrassed to speak to your physician about concerns you may have.

In 2013 and again in April 2014, Meadowlands Hospital was recognized with an "A" Grade for Patient Safety by The Leapfrog Group, the country's leading data collection agency for patient safety and healthcare quality. It was one of a small number of hospitals nationwide that went from a "C" facility to an "A" facility within a year. Our staff strives for an environment that is open and transparent for all of our patients. Make sure you keep an open mind and talk to our staff and physicians about all of your health related concerns. Please feel free to contact us by calling 201-392-3100if you had any further questions and problems with your treatments and diagnosis.