Patients and their families are the heart of Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center. We take extra care — make that extraordinary care — to guarantee exceptional treatment and specialized attention to your needs.

Our commitment, first and foremost, is to you and your family. No one wants to go to a hospital, but when the need arises, we want you to feel at home here with us. You’ll find an overwhelming sense of security at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center: our doctors are highly skilled specialists in their fields. Our surgeons perform delicate, demanding procedures on a daily basis. Our nursing staff is comprised of top-notch professionals who understand the importance of a smile, a gentle touch and a kind word. readmore

We want our patients to feel comfortable coming here for all types of procedures, which is why we’ve reduced wait time in the Emergency Department to speed up your diagnosis and treatment; we’ve installed advanced radiology equipment, including 1.2 Tesla Open MRI for our patients who may be claustrophobic; our Physician’s Center now allows you access to some of the best doctors in the state — Dr. Bellifemine, Dr. Goykhman, Dr. Sullivan, Dr. Sciarra, Dr. Russonella and literally hundreds more.

With more than 200 new doctors, millions of dollars in innovative technology, and many more initiatives being developed and executed, Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center will soon be known as a center for healthcare excellence.

A Commitment To Quality Reduces Infections And Enhances Patient Recovery
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