Our Leadership

president-and-ceo Welcome to MHMC! My name is Lynn McVey and I love this hospital. I am the new Acting CEO and President at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center. From the day we purchased it, the staff welcomed us with open arms. As part of management, I was not used to being that warmly and genuinely welcomed. The employees here amaze me with their authentic kindness. Our high satisfaction scores reflect their compassion.

My fifth day as Acting CEO, a patient stopped me. He said, “My mom has been here for 32 days. I hate that she is sick but for 32 days in a row, I’ve witnessed your loving staff take such good care of her. They act as if she is their mom.” I was so proud. My heart swelled two sizes larger.

Like I said, I love this hospital. If for any reason, you do not feel the same way as I do, please give me the opportunity to discuss this with you. I can be reached at 201-392-3221.

MHMC is proud to report that under the new management, Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center is committed to providing quality, comprehensive healthcare services to more than 30 thousand local residents and neighboring communities each year. We are working to expand the Emergency Department to reduce our Door-to-Doctor time. We are installing the very latest radiology equipment, including an Open MRI for those claustrophic, plus a high-field 3T MRI for advanced imaging, particularly neurology. Our mission is to recruit the very best physicians. Almost 200 new MDs have joined our staff since we opened. We have invested millions of dollars into Information Systems. Our Electronic Medical Record launched the day we opened. Our goal is to make Meadowlands the very first hospital in Hudson County and, possibly, in the state of New Jersey to be entirely "paperless" by early next year. These are just some of our initiatives. Rest assured that we are working feverishly to significantly raise the bar of healthcare for you. The patient is our first, and our last concern.